About me

My name is Maayan Peri and I'm a sports influencer and fitness model from Israel.
Back in a day when i was a skinny 17 years old girl , i was going through some hard times . I had problems at  home, I was insecure, I was bullied at school it was hard to focus on my studies. Growing up I often found myself at the beach because the sea would take all my problems away ! That’s when I noticed people working out and that when I got my interest for sport! I found a shelter through training . In a year I noticed a big transformation, it gave me peace and quiet , I was focused I had energy I was confident I was in control,
At this point I only grew and developed From a skinny girl with low self-esteem, I became a strong woman, a fitness trainer and an Instagram influencer with over 400K followers.
Today I am helping others to understand how life-changing sports can be and make you become the best version of yourself.
With the right intent and a little self - love self-belief-everything is possible.