At-Home Booty & Legs Program

At-Home Booty & Legs Program

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Join me for 4 weeks of Booty, legs get in shape at home program.
Don't let COVID 19 to shift u from your goals! The summer is around the corner!

What’s in the program?

  •  4-Weeks home training program 
  •  2- days of Booty and legs, 1 -day of Upper body and Abs each week.
  •  Exercise guide: Each exercise performed by me
  •  You can train anywhere with my program 
  •  Watchable demo videos from your Smart-phone, Smart TV
  •  Daily support and motivation to help u stay focused!

Recommended basic equipment:

Resistance bands, free weights, chair/sofa.
In case you lack bands or weights, don't worry, just be creative and improvise with what u have around u.